About Us

We at Beyou Mutiwear Designs LLC is an upcoming Online Athletic Performance Brand Collection committed to providing customers with the highest quality indoor/outdoor performance clothing and cozy fashion trends.  We offer performance t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts, joggers, jackets, swimwear and accessories for the perfect traveling trip or daily workout routine.  Our goal is to encourage all to embrace who you are, stay healthy, stay positive, love yourself  and BE YOU!

We also want to bring you a better and convenient shopping experience as you shop our store www.beyoumultiwear.com  Our entire business model of “make-to-order” is built on having zero inventory and zero waste production.  Making sustainable clothing means using eco-friendly fabrics and certified organic materials, such as all-natural organic cotton and certified organic hemp, or using recycled materials like recycled nylon. This lessens the industry’s impact on the environment as well as leading to the production of high-quality clothing.

In-order to increase the sustainability of Beyou Multiwear print-on-demand business model, we are continuously working on defining our eco-friendly product standards and growing our collection. Each product must consists of either organic, recycled, or biodegradable materials, or contains at least 30% of these materials to meet the cut of our collection for our Beyou Multiwear customers.  


We have taken our expertise and resources into our branded fashion apparel. We want to support the next generation of Product Designers and Beyou supporters by expanding engagement with a multitude of fans who love our branded products. We will help you source premium quality products, even with a unit order of one. With our partnerships of great manufacturing companies, we can produce customized garments in real-time, known to us as ‘make-to-order’ or 'print on demand'.  Orders are fresh with no inventory, no warehousing, no cash up-front, cut and sewn for you when you complete your online order. It’s sustainable, it’s reliable, it’s the way business should be. You order your product online, we custom design and ship product directly to you.

We have a strong commitment to the planet, we believe in creating a sustainable future. Our fashion apparel is made responsibly and benefits the environment. We only work with certified manufacturers that also produce sustainable garments for top global brands. You get the same high standards conceived by leading fashion designers. Once it’s produced, we package your product in recyclable material and drop-ship directly to your customers. There is zero production waste. There is no middle person we deliver to, helping to minimize the environmental impact of your order. In addition, we support charities and organizations that align with our values.  We are creating a sustainable business ecosystem, a winning proposition for your customers and the planet.

We care about you and the planet. Our Service is guaranteed. We believe that building the future requires us to look after the needs of both in a responsible and ethical way. That’s why we stand behind all of the products we produce for you, ensuring everything is made, cut, and hand-finished with the utmost care and accuracy.  We only work with certified suppliers with the highest level of ethics, compliance and social track records. It’s our commitment to doing business.


COVID-19 Inquiries

How Is BeYou ensuring both clients and employees are safe during the order to delivery process?

At BeYou Multiwear, our top priority is the health and well-being of our clients, teams and communities. We closely monitor the latest developments with coronavirus (COVID-19) and take any and all precautionary measures to ensure a healthy work environment and the safest delivery to you.

Will COVID-19 impact my return?

At BeYou, our top priority is customer satisfaction. We understand this can be a challenging time with the potential of catching COVID-19. As long as health regulation and procedures are taken, along with the companies exchange and return policy guidelines met, your return should not be impacted by the virus. Please refer to our "Returns & Exchanges" section for more information.

Product Information

Which products are available for purchase?

BeYou offers products across all categories, including custom wear, handbags, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and ready-to-wear. Custom Made to Order and personalized items are also available.

Does BeYou go on sale?

BeYou does occasionally engage in discount products, including Black Friday and private sales. If you see Beyou items, not from an official BeYou retailer, being sold at discounted, sale or clearance prices, then chances are the item is counterfeit.

What if an item is sold out/unavailable?

If an item or size you have selected is not available for purchase on BeYouMultiWear.com or you are having issues obtaining a specific item, we encourage you to reach out to us directly so we may assist you.

That information can be found in the Contact Us section.

How do I know what size is for me?

Size guides with general recommendations are available on each product page to help determine your best fit.

Where are BeYou products made?

Upholding our mission of responsible shopping, we are always searching to find more sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes to develop products, while still upholding our commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship.

How is BeYou committed to sustainability and responsible shopping?

To learn more about how BeYou manages sustainability within our business, please visit our Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Policy

Orders & Payment

What form of payments do you accept?

1. Amazon

2. Amex

3. Apple Pay

4. Diners Club

5. Discover

6. Facebook Pay

7. Google Pay

8. Mastercard

9. Paypal

10. Shop Pay

11. Venmo

12. Visa

When placing an order, your billing address must match the information linked to your payment method. If your payment is declined, please contact your bank or financial institution for assistance.

Please note, we do not offert BeYou gift cards at this time.  

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay allows you to complete your purchase by using the information stored in your Amazon account. You won't need to reenter your credit card information, and typing of your billing and shipping address on BeYouMultiWear.com as your account information will be linked to your Amazon profile. Simply log in with your Amazon account username and password and select from the information already stored in Amazon.


How can I checkout using Amazon Pay?

Once you’ve added items to your cart, the Amazon Pay button will appear.

First-time users paying through Amazon Pay on BeYouMultiWear.com must accept Amazon’s Terms & Conditions before proceeding to payment.

After you have logged into your Amazon account, you will be able to select from the payment, billing and shipping information already stored.


How can I return an order I placed using Amazon Pay

All orders are subject to BeYou’s Online Return Policy. Your refund will be processed through the form of payment selected through your Amazon account. 

Orders purchased through Amazon Pay may be returned by mail to the warehouse. To facilitate your return, please provide your digital invoice you received in your shipment confirmation email. Refunds will be submitted once the return has been received and processed at the warehouse.


Will my BeYouMultiWear.com order appear in my Amazon Orders?

Your BeYouMultiWear.com order details will not appear under Your Orders on your Amazon account. However, you can find your BeYou order information within the Amazon Pay section of your account activity.

If you have a BeYouMultiWear.com account, you are able to see all order information within your account. You can create a BeYouMultiWear.com account here where you can track the status of your order and access your order details.


Will my order be shipped by Amazon?

No, your order will be processed and shipped by BeYouMultiWear.com. For questions or assistance regarding your order, please contact BeYou Client Services.


Who can I contact if I have any questions?

For more information or assistance with your order, please contact BeYou Client Services.

For inquires related to your Amazon account, please contact Amazon at:


Do you offer a monthly payment plan option?

Unfortunately as of this second, BeYou does not offer a monthly payment plan option but it is the works.

Am I able to use multiple forms of payment for an order?

At this time, we only accept one form of payment per order.

When will I be charged for my purchase?

For the simple fact we do not offer monthly payment arrangements at this time, the charge will be immediately at the time of purchase.

Am I charged sales tax for online purchases?

Orders placed on BeYouMultiWear.com are subject to applicable state, local and county sales tax. Your order confirmation will reflect an estimated sales tax and order total based on the shipping zip code entered when your order was placed. The actual sales tax will be calculated and applied before the final purchase is completed.

Can I cancel or modify my order?

Orders for items available for immediate purchase cannot be cancelled or modified once they have been placed. If you would like to return your item, please refer to our returns and exchange section. 


Pre-orders and back-orders that have not yet shipped can be cancelled by contacting us.  


Made to Order and personalized items cannot be canceled or modified. These items are considered final sale and cannot be returned. Some sales may be disclosed from this, if this is something you're dealing with please contact us.

Shipping & Delivery

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